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Painted Basket

Give an ordinary woven basket a facelift with spray paint. It’s an easy project that lets you organize craft supplies (or other odds and ends) in style. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Mask the upper half of the basket with two layers of 2″-wide [5.08 cm] painter’s tape. Continue wrapping the tape around the basket until the [...]

Tabletop Garden Tips

Miniature gardens soothe the soul and add a touch of spring to indoor spaces. Use these tips to make your own little oasis even better. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. A thick layer of coarse sand gives miniature ecosystems extra drainage. 2. Inadequate drainage is the number-one problem when it comes to tabletop gardens and terrariums. Solution: Add [...]

15 Spring Ideas

The outdoor entertaining season is almost here. Be ready by Victoria Day with these simple tips, ideas, and projects for spring. INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Cook up some fun. Surprise guests by turning the BBQ into an outdoor pizza oven. Arrange coals around the outside edge of the BBQ for indirect cooking. Add your favourite toppings to [...]

Hydrangea Tips

Big, billowy blossoms in subtle pastel hues make the hydrangea a showstopper in gardens and bouquets. Use these quick tips to grow your own and liven up your home. INSTRUCTIONS: Prune Most hydrangeas bloom in late spring, but they make their buds the year before. The best time to prune them is in early summer, [...]