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Build Basic Wooden Boxes

INSTRUCTIONS: These easy-to-build boxes can be made from pine, oak, maple, or cedar, and then painted or stained to fit your space. In the diagrams, you will find the details you need for seven different sizes. They all follow the same process; print off the diagrams you need and get hammering. Header Basic Box Step [...]

Biscuit Flower Medallion

INSTRUCTIONS: Begin with the Centre Section Step 1: Unscrew the ball finial from the post cap and remove any hardware attached to it. Find the centre of the 18-inch [45.72 cm] pine round, drill a pilot hole through the wood, and add a countersink to the back side. Glue and screw the finial to the [...]

Platform Deck

Before you start, follow this checklist for pre- construction planning: 1. Gain a deck construction overview with videos and tips on all aspects of the process. 2. Call your local building code enforcement office to discuss footing depth, deck location limits, if you need a weed barrier under your deck, handrail requirements, necessary permits, and [...]

Concrete Fountain

You can build this fountain as shown or vary the shape and dimensions of the fountain by using different objects as molds. If you increase the height, check the pump instructions to ensure that it has enough power to lift water to the top of the sphere. INSTRUCTIONS: Cast the Base and Sphere Step 1: [...]

PVC Sleeve Planters

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Along the length of a PVC fence post sleeve, measure and place marks at 18 [45.72 cm], 34 [86.36 cm], 48 [1.22 m], and 60 inches [1.52 m]. Use a square to extend the marks on two opposite faces of the sleeve. Step 2: Use a hacksaw to cut the sleeve into [...]

File Cabinet Planter

Transform an old metal filing cabinet into a striking focal-point planter. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Remove the drawers and clean the cabinet inside and out. If there is rust or scratches on the exterior, sand with 100-grit sandpaper, and then follow with 150-grit sandpaper. Step 2: Spray with a metal primer and apply three coats or [...]

Tomato Varieties

Thanks to an ever-growing array of tomato varieties, there’s a delicious — and colourful — option for every garden. Delightful Diversity What type of tomatoes should you grow? Whether you opt for compact plants or sprawling vines, stagger your crops by planting early- and late-fruiting plants for one delicious, tomato-packed season. Experiment! Grow bite-size gems [...]

5 Steps for the Perfect Lawn

Keep your lawn luscious and healthy with these simple steps. Step 1: Thatch Use a garden or thatch rake—or get it done fast with a power dethatcher—to go after that layer of dead plant material that’s starving your lawn of air, water, and nutrients.   Step 2: Aerate Your lawn will breathe easier if you [...]

PVC Ring Fence Trellis

INSTRUCTIONS: Build the Cedar Back Panel Step 1: From the 1 x 6 x 8 [2.54 cm x 15.24 cm x 2.44 m] cedar boards, cut 10 pieces 23-1/2-in [59.69 cm] long. From the 1 x 4 x 10 [2.54 cm x 10.16 cm x 3.05 m] board, cut two 52-in [1.32 m] pieces. Lightly [...]

Fence Gutter Garden

      INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: From 1 x 4 [2.54 cm x 10.16 cm] pressure-treated lumber, cut two pieces 62 inches long [1.57 m] and four pieces 34 inches long [86.36 cm]. Good to Know: If your pressure-treated lumber feels wet to the touch, allow it to lie flat and dry out until water [...]

Metal-Framed Plant Holder

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Lay the four fence sections to form a square on a flat work surface with the legs of the sections touching the bottom edges of the adjoining sections. If your fence sections have more than the two end legs, either trim off the centre legs or leave them on to add to [...]

Hanging Birdbath Planter

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Cut the handles from two plastic Lowe’s bags and both sides of each bag to form flat plastic sheets. Press them against the coconut-fibre liner to help retain moisture. Trim away the surplus around the liner rim. Step 2: Centre the clay pot upside down in the basket. Surround the pot with [...]

Flowerpot Trellis

  INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Cut the legs off of two tomato cages. Save the cutoffs for later use. A smaller cage can be made using 33-in [83.82 cm] tomato cages with three rings. Step 2: Nestle one cage inside another for extra structural support. Alternate the long vertical wires so they’re equidistant to each other when nested. [...]

Easy Garden Trellis

INSTRUCTIONS:   Step 1: Lay a straightedge even with the tips of the outside trellis slats and mark straight lines on the ends of the slats. Then jigsaw the ends so the flared end of the trellis rests stable on a flat surface. Step 2: Trim the ends of the horizontal pieces to extend no [...]

Fall Bouquet

Create a bountiful bouquet full of fall flowers, mini gourds, and apples. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Cut the dowels with a handsaw. Make the pieces roughly 6 inches [15.24 cm] taller than the height of your vase. Step 2: Drill a hole in the bottoms of apples and mini gourds. (Remember to clean and dry your [...]

Fall Yard Tips

Keep your yard looking great throughout the fall with these helpful pruning, lawn care, and maintenance tips. Get into those gutters. Clearing leaves and debris from your gutters will ensure proper roof runoff. Put on rubber gloves, and then scoop out the gutter gunk with a trowel. If the mess is hard, soak it using [...]

Concrete Planter

Create a unique garden planter using concrete, cooking spray, and your choice of forms. And why stop there? Watch our video for additional garden accessories you can make using this technique. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Gather your forms (we used 3- and 5-gallon [11.36 L and 18.93 L] buckets). Use cooking spray to coat the inside [...]

Fall Shrub Bed

This inviting garden retreat was carved out of unused space by the side of a driveway. Instead of a blah lawn, the homeowners now have a wildlife refuge in their front yard. Best of all, it dazzles throughout the year. Read on to see what plants peak in what seasons. Then be sure to check [...]

Tunnel-of-Fun Water Sprinkler

Turn your backyard into a water park with a sprinkler made from economical, easy-to-cut PVC pipe. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: From lengths of 3/4″ [1.91 cm] PVC pipe, cut two pieces 60″ [1.52 m] long, one piece 57″ [1.45 m] long, and four pieces 30″ [76.2 cm] long. Use a file or utility knife to clean [...]

Rope Swing

Catch a breeze with the gentle back-and-forth motion of this outdoor rope swing. It’s like child’s play to make. INSTRUCTIONS: Build the Wooden Seat Step 1: Have a Lowe’s associate trim the rough end from a 2″x10″ [5.08 cm x 25.4 cm] board and then cut two pieces 3″ [7.62 cm] long and one piece [...]

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