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Wood Wreath Ornament

Check out how painted poplar buttons and plugs come together to form a lovely ornament. Making it is child’s play — so feel free to have the kids give you a hand with this do-it-yourself project. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Arrange the poplar plugs in a circular pattern. Step 2: Glue on buttons where the plugs [...]

Post Cap Ornament

Feeling a little creative this holiday season? Transform an ordinary post cap into a fun DIY ornament. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Paint the base of the cap in a colour of your choice. Then paint the raised portion in an accent colour. Let dry. Step 2: Insert a screw eye into an edge of the post [...]

Decorative Wood-and-Dowel Menorah

Celebrate the season by making a menorah. This easy wood and dowel project will dress up a fireplace mantel, dining room table, or living room. INSTRUCTIONS: Make the Candles Step 1: Tape off the flame portion of the votives and spray-paint the bases silver. Step 2: Cut the dowel into eight 4″ [10.16 cm] pieces [...]

Festive Finial Ornaments

Decorated wooden finials make perfect ornaments for children. Let your kids paint their own, or get the whole family involved in this easy holiday project! INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Twist a wine cork onto the screw end of the finial, or remove the screw altogether. Step 2: Paint each section of the finial using colours of [...]

Wood Dowel Snowflakes

Dress up your home for the holidays with snowflakes. Use dowels and glue to make these quick-and-easy holiday decorations that can hang from a staircase, doorway, or window. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Cut dowels into nine 6″ [15.24 cm] pieces and one 18″ [45.72 cm] piece. Step 2: Sand rough edges with 120-grit sandpaper until smooth. [...]

Wood Star Art

Reach for the stars with this striking geometric project made from square dowels. Build it yourself in just a couple hours — and enjoy it for many holiday seasons to come.   INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Cut six 3/8″x36″ [.95 cm x 91.44 cm] dowels down to 12 18″- [45.72 cm] long pieces. Sand the ends [...]

Wood Biscuit Tree Ornament

A quick idea for an ornament that’s as easy as it is fun. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Form a cardboard cone with a 3″ [7.62 cm] base, and glue in place. (You could also use double-stick tape.) Trim a small hole at the top. Step 2: For the hanger, thread twine up through the top of [...]

Snowflake Wreath

Make winter even cooler with this super-fun snowflake wreath. Our step-by-step illustrations help you get it done quickly and easily. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Cut the dowels into 24 pieces 5″ [12.7 cm] long, 40 pieces 2-3/4″ [6.99 cm] long , and 24 pieces 2-1/4″ [5.72 cm] long. Sand the ends of the dowels smooth. Step [...]

Paintbrush Santa Ornament

This jolly St. Nick is the do-it-yourselfer’s ideal Christmas decoration. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Paint the brush handle red and allow to dry completely. Step 2: Paint pink stripes on the paintbrush handle; let dry. Step 3: Using white paint and a swirling motion, add the “fur lining” of Santa’s hat. Step 4: Insert the screw [...]

Picture-Perfect Ornament

Get the hang of this picturesque project featuring a repurposed switchplate. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Fill one of the screw holes in the switchplate with wood filler. Let dry and sand smooth. Step 2: Paint the switchplate in your choice of colours and let dry. (We added some decorative floral touches with a Q-tip.) Step 3: [...]

Paint Roller Snowman Ornament

Add this snazzy snowman to your ornament collection. It’s so easy, the kids can make their own! INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Use a crafts knife to punch two holes through a 3″ [7.62 cm] roller to insert carpet tacks for the snowman’s eyes. Step 2: Tie ribbon around the “body” as a scarf, then trim to [...]

Coffee Filter Wreath

Wake up your creative spirit this holiday season with a wreath featuring artfully arranged coffee filters. It’s so easy, the average Joe can make it! INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Separate coffee filters and lay them out flat. Fold each filter in half, then in half again (so they’re folded in quarters). Step 2: Hot-glue a layer [...]

Christmas Lights

Take your Christmas decorations outside, and create sparkling scenes with these easy projects. Wreath Chandelier Select an artificial battery-operated Christmas wreath (#267523) with a timer. Measure the wire frame on the back of the wreath, and then attach five cup hooks (#99936) to your porch ceiling in a circle the size of the frame. Hang [...]

Wicked Wreath

Halloween ghost lights add flashing fun and spooky sound effects to this edgy wreath. Add prickly charm to front doors with a wicked glowing Halloween wreath made from plastic gutter screen and orange surveyor’s tape. STEP-BY-STEP 1. Using utility scissors, cut a 42-inch length of 14-gauge wire. 2. Using utility scissors, cut plastic gutter guard [...]

Candy Corn Popcorn Balls

PREPARATION Prep: 25 min. Cook: 5 min. 50 large marshmallows 1/3 cup butter or margarine 20 cups freshly popped popcorn 2 cups teddy bear-shaped chocolate graham cracker cookies 2 1/2 cups candy corn Vegetable cooking spray 1. Combine marshmallows and butter in a Dutch oven. Cook over medium-low heat until melted and smooth, stirring occasionally. [...]

Candy Corn Planters

STEP-BY-STEP 1. Use painter’s tape to cover sections of a 12-inch terra-cotta planter. Paint the rim white (Valspar Ultra Premium, Bistro White 7006-4, satin), the middle section orange (Valspar Ultra Premium, Fresh Persimmons 2009-1, satin), and the bottom portion yellow (Valspar Ultra Premium, Gold Abundance 3003-1A, satin). Be sure to allow each section to dry [...]

Creepy Curtains

STEP-BY-STEP 1. Soak cheesecloth (#125871) in coffee or tea. (We used French Roast). 2. Wring out cloth and let dry. 3. Using your fingers (or dull scissors) shred and fray the bottom of the cloth. Create tiny holes throughout the material. 4. Use 3 or 4 curtains per window depending on size of window. Secure [...]

Unwelcome Mat

STEP-BY-STEP 1. Print out the “unwelcome” pattern (pdf). Trace letters on poster board. 2. Using a craft knife, cut out the letters to create a stencil. 3. Use painter’s tape to mask off a 1-inch border around the edge of the mat (Carpet runner – #261477). Use black spray paint to create a border. Let [...]

Scary Screens

Download our PDF with patterns for eerie bats and a spooky tree to create your own scary screens. We used a colony of bats but you can decorate your screen with one gigantic bat or come up with your very own spooky design. STEP-BY-STEP 1. Download bats and tree template and enlarge to desired size. [...]

Nutcracker Suite

STEP-BY-STEP 1. For each nutcracker, select five 4-inch planters, and wipe them clean. 2. Spray-paint one planter black and one planter beige. Use red, navy blue, and green for the remaining planters. Allow to dry. 3. Stack the planters as shown here. Secure them with a small amount of hot glue. Using utility scissors, cut [...]

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