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Twine Star Decoration

Wrap jute around a frame made from wooden shims for a Christmas decoration with a natural, rustic look. You can make this project for less than $10. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Lay 10 wood shims on a flat surface in a star pattern. Arrange the shims so a thin end on one shim rests on the [...]

Celebrate the New Year

Start the new year with a bash. Planning a party is stress-free with our easy projects and quick decorating ideas. At Your Service Outfit a wire shelf unit (#64014) with casters (#1513) to create a portable bar cart for about $80 [$78]. Add S-hooks and straight hooks to hang bottle openers and other utensils. Fill [...]

Frosted-Glass Mirror

Decorate your walls for Christmas with a mirror that also reflects the feelings of the season. Use an existing mirror or buy one to reuse year after year. INSTRUCTIONS: The Frosted-Glass Mirror Pattern fits a 44-in x 32-in [1.12 m x 81.28 cm] mirror. To use them on a mirror of a different size, scale [...]

Sweet Holiday Recipes

Whip up delicious Christmas gifts in your kitchen and create holiday memories and traditions at the same time. Three Kings Bread (Rosca de Reyes) Recipe courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens: Prep Time: 35 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Ingredients: 3-1/4 – 3-3/4 cups [768.9 g - 887.2 g] all-purpose flour 1 package active [...]

Shim Tree

Turn wooden shims into a stylish Christmas or winter decoration. They’re so inexpensive and easy to make in a variety of sizes, you can assemble an entire forest. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Wrap the cone with kraft paper and tape the ends together. Do not tape the paper to the cone. Trim off any excess paper. [...]

Snowflake Wall Ornaments

Celebrate the season with these Scandinavian-inspired snowflake wall ornaments in two sizes. Assemble them in a few hours from simple materials and tools. Make a Large Snowflake Step 1: Cut four pieces of 1-inch [2.54 cm] square dowel 6 inches [15.24 cm] long. Cut four pieces of 7/16-inch [1.11 cm] round dowel 5 inches [12.7 [...]


Made from two boards using a simple drill-and-cut technique, this candle display can be set up as an ornamental piece. With just a simple change of cuts, it becomes a menorah. These candleholders are a set of simply cut blocks of wood that are drilled and then cut to final angled height. Good to Know: [...]

Winter Scene Wall Decorations

Create a winter wonderland scene! Decorate a wall of any room with inexpensive shelf liner and our free downloadable patterns. Step 1: Print and cut out the downloadable patterns for the round snowflakes, tree, cabin, two-piece snowman, and three-piece snowdrift. If you’re making several trees, use the same pattern for the top and bottom but [...]

JOY-ful Wall Decoration

Two tinsel garland-wrapped letters plus one Christmas wreath spell out your joyful feelings for the season. Step 1: Download, print, and assemble the “J” and “Y” patterns . Cut out the letters and transfer the shapes to pieces cut from the cardboard box. Then cut out the letters with a utility knife. Step 2: Staple [...]

Cardboard Star

Don’t know what to do with those extra cardboard boxes around the house? Upcycle them into a spiralling star. Step 1: Using a crafts knife and a ruler, cut out 21 rectangles from cardboard: seven measuring 2 inches [5.08 cm] high by 2-1/4 inches [5.715 cm] long, seven 3-1/2 [8.89 cm] inches high by 2-1/4 [...]

Lightbulb Star

Don’t know what to do with those extra cardboard boxes around the house? Upcycle them into a spiralling star. Step 1: Cover your work surface with a drop cloth to protect it from glue. Form a square with four pieces of scrap wood. Lay out six lightbulbs in a circle on top of the scrap [...]

Matchstick Star

Conquer cabin fever with this inexpensive and fun-to-assemble wooden matchstick star. It’s perfect for Christmas or winter decorating and so easy to make, you could create an entire galaxy. Make the Template Step 1: Download the Matchstick Star Pattern . Print out the pattern and tape it to a piece of cardboard. Cut out the [...]

Metal Bracket Star

Join four shelf brackets into a sleek holiday star reminiscent of a vintage car logo. It’s easy — and costs less than $7 per star (plus paint). INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Enlarge the holes in the shelf brackets with a 1/4-inch [.635 cm] drill bit. Then, using post screws and a screwdriver, attach the four brackets [...]

Nailed Metal Star

Let your holiday cheer shine when you display this silvery star made from metal flashing. Securing the metal with nails makes this project quick and easy while adding rustic seasonal charm. INSTRUCTIONS The supplies shown provide enough material to make two stars. Step 1: Download the Nailed Metal Star Pattern and print out the pages. [...]

Water Cooler Cup Star

Consisting entirely of water cooler cups, this star is refreshingly easy to make. INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Apply a few small drops of hot glue to the rim of a cup and quickly adhere a second cup to the first, rim to rim. Make nine glued pairs and let dry. Step 2: Glue these nine pairs [...]

New Year’s Eve 2013 Sign

Celebrate New Year’s Eve on a bright note with this lighted 2013 sign you can make in a few hours as an exciting decoration for your party. INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: New Years Eve 2013 Pattern and print it out. Tape the individual pattern pages to each other and to the extruded polystyrene insulated sheathing to [...]

Mini Pumpkin Table Decoration

Add flair to your next fall feast with mini pumpkins hung with twine. It’s easy and costs less than $3 (plus pumpkins). INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Measure the width of your table and cut a piece of twine 12 inches [30.48 cm] longer. Step 2: Cut a second piece of twine 20 inches [50.8 cm] long [...]

Painted Face Pumpkins

Need fresh pumpkin ideas this fall? Our pumpkin decorating project is sure to make you smile. Just add painted faces and clever accessories (with some unexpected materials)! INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Paint faces on the pumpkins with hobby brushes. Step 2: Add fun accessories to the painted pumpkins — such as earrings made out of rubber [...]

Halloween Pumpkin Pillars

Create a Halloween centrepiece or room decoration by topping black pillars with miniature pumpkins. Mix post and spindle sections to make dozens of shapes. INSTRUCTIONS: You can cut and combine sections of the spindles and ball-top posts with post caps to create the height and shape of pillars you like. In the photo above, for [...]

Halloween Window Decoration

Turn windows into ghostly shapes for Halloween by trimming them with these curvy coverings. They’re easy to make and install in any room you haunt. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Cut the foam board to a size that’s 2 inches [5.08 cm] greater than the length and width of your window. Print the window decoration pattern and [...]

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