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Make Your Own Holiday Wreaths

Make a holiday wreath that will brighten any door. Wood dowels, seat belts, and more make DIY wreaths you’ll be proud to display as part of your holiday decor or give as holiday gifts. INSTRUCTIONS: Geometric Wood Slat Wreath Cut six 36″ [91.44 cm] square dowels (#27594) in half to make a dozen 18″ [45.72 [...]

Shining Dowel Star

Want to add some star power to your outdoor space this holiday season? Try this easy project made from wood dowels wrapped with wire, grapevine, and mini lights. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Cut two 48″ [1.22 m]-long dowels down to five 14″[35.56 cm]-long pieces. Sand the ends of the dowels smooth. Step 2: Arrange the five [...]

Ceiling Medallion / Serving Stands

Serve holiday food with serving stands fit for a feast. Top PVC endcaps with ceiling medallions and ornaments for no-fuss holiday decorations. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Choose PVC caps in different sizes to stagger the height of the stands. Step 2: Top the PVC endcaps with ceiling medallions. Step 3: Add ornaments of your choosing to [...]

Poinsettia Swag

Make a pretty, 15′ [4.57 m]-long swag of cut poinsettias to drape along a wall, fireplace mantel, or chair rail. It’s an easy way to decorate your home for the holidays. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Cut blooms from poinsettias and leave 3″ to 4″  [7.62 cm to 10.16 cm] stems. (The colourful leaves are called bracts). [...]

DIY Luminary

Check out this small-effort, big-impact luminary project. Tuck groups of three or four in a snowdrift for a glowing cluster, or let them shed a little light along walkways. INSTRUCTIONS: To make this graphic luminary, form a canister out of an aluminum sheet by attaching the ends with floral wire. Then fill it with clear [...]

Glowing Snowflake

This easy-to-make snowflake fashioned from steel strips and mini lights is sure to dazzle. Hang it in a high-visibility spot such as a front porch for maximum impact. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Arrange the steel strips in a snowflake pattern as shown above. Step 2: Connect the three strips together in the middle using a bolt, [...]

LED Candle Centrepiece

Create a festive centrepiece for holiday dining with this easy project. Featuring LED candles and a mirror base that enhances their glow, it’s sure to impress family and guests. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Cut shelf liner in strips about as wide as the heights of the three LED candles and 2″[5.08 cm] longer than needed to [...]

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