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Christmas Décor for Any Room

Before you haul out the holly and put up the tree, check out these easy, colourful ways to add a little Christmas — or a lot — to your home’s most visible rooms.   Energetic Entry   Fill guests with holiday spirit as soon as they walk in. It’s easy when you drape a dazzling [...]

Decorations for Your Entryway

  Welcome friends and family during the holiday season by dressing up your entryway with warmth and color. Find tips and decorating ideas to give your home a festive holiday theme. Decorate Your Doorway   Use natural elements to enhance your front door, like hanging tree branches from the eaves above your porch. Hang a [...]

Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

Delight guests and neighbours with outdoor lighting that conveys the joy of the season. Bright Ideas   Want the secret to having the best-lit house on the block? It’s all about getting the right mix. Here’s how: Start with path lights. Work your way from the ground up, illuminating bushes, trees, windows, doors, and the [...]

Fresh Fare

MAKE HOLIDAY MEALS SPECIAL BY DECKING YOUR DINING ROOM IN STYLE. THESE LIVELY TAKES ON TRADITIONAL DÉCOR ADD FESTIVE FLAVOUR. Set the stage for holiday gatherings by enhancing your dining area in a weekend or less. Build a bench for extra seating, make a corner cabinet for display space, and décorate a tree. Add to [...]

Snow Day

Celebrate Winter! Bundle up for old fashioned outdoor family fun—stage a winter getaway in your own backyard. It’s a chance to breathe some fresh air, get a little exercise, and spend quality time with your kids. Use a fire pit (#56121), as a warming station. MAKE SNOW-DAY BOUQUETS Create arrangements from the winter landscape— use [...]

New Tricks for Garland

PUT A NEW SPIN  ON A HOLIDAY CLASSIC WITH CREATIVE WAYS TO HANG EVERYONE’S FAVOURITE CHRISTMAS SWAG. Use 3M stick-on hooks and short sections of garland to make a shape. Wrap shrubs, topiaries, or large houseplants Drape around a group of pictures. Adorn a lampshade with shimmery tinsel or elegant greens. Adorn a bookcase with [...]

Make It Merry

WELCOME GUESTS AND DELIGHT PASSERSBY WITH A FRONT ENTRY DRESSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Cheerful Colours Holiday hues energize the clean lines of this California ranch. Set a cheerful tone by painting the doors bright red (Valspar Signature Art District, #ar226). The colour fits the season and pops year-round against the handleset. For more door colour, [...]

Small Wonders

Could your big tree use a little company around the house? Make OR BUY a tabletop tree and add Christmas to any room! A. ENTICING ICING These trees may look good enough to eat, but we don’t recommend it—the “icing” is actually caulk applied to a paper cone! Vary the look by using utensils— such [...]

Welcoming Glow


Easy Glamour

Elegant accents and Clever ideas using allen + roth™ décor turn a Living room into a sparkling holiday celebration. Here’s a word we’d like to hear more at Christmas: relax. This room, décorated in the new allen + roth™ holiday collection, embraces a carefree Christmas with an unexpected colour scheme and simple ideas for making [...]

Dowel Wreath

Make a wreath out of dowel pieces and decorate your door any time of year. Step 1: Use a mitre saw to cut a 2-in × 48-in [5.08 cm x 1.22 m] dowel into 36 discs: 9 at 1-1/4-in [3.175 cm], 9 at 1-in [2.54 cm], 9 at 3/4-in [1.9 cm], and 9 at 1/2-in [...]

Sweet Holiday Recipes

Whip up delicious Christmas gifts in your kitchen and create holiday memories and traditions at the same time. Three Kings Bread (Rosca de Reyes) Recipe courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens: Prep Time: 35 minutes Cook Time: 30 minutes Ingredients: 3-1/4 – 3-3/4 cups [768.9 g - 887.2 g] all-purpose flour 1 package active [...]

Shim Tree

Turn wooden shims into a stylish Christmas or winter decoration. They’re so inexpensive and easy to make in a variety of sizes, you can assemble an entire forest. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Wrap the cone with kraft paper and tape the ends together. Do not tape the paper to the cone. Trim off any excess paper. [...]

Snowflake Wall Ornaments

Celebrate the season with these Scandinavian-inspired snowflake wall ornaments in two sizes. Assemble them in a few hours from simple materials and tools. Make a Large Snowflake Step 1: Cut four pieces of 1-inch [2.54 cm] square dowel 6 inches [15.24 cm] long. Cut four pieces of 7/16-inch [1.11 cm] round dowel 5 inches [12.7 [...]

Winter Scene Wall Decorations

Create a winter wonderland scene! Decorate a wall of any room with inexpensive shelf liner and our free downloadable patterns. Step 1: Print and cut out the downloadable patterns for the round snowflakes, tree, cabin, two-piece snowman, and three-piece snowdrift. If you’re making several trees, use the same pattern for the top and bottom but [...]

Cardboard Star

Don’t know what to do with those extra cardboard boxes around the house? Upcycle them into a spiralling star. Step 1: Using a crafts knife and a ruler, cut out 21 rectangles from cardboard: seven measuring 2 inches [5.08 cm] high by 2-1/4 inches [5.715 cm] long, seven 3-1/2 [8.89 cm] inches high by 2-1/4 [...]

Matchstick Star

Conquer cabin fever with this inexpensive and fun-to-assemble wooden matchstick star. It’s perfect for Christmas or winter decorating and so easy to make, you could create an entire galaxy. Make the Template Step 1: Download the Matchstick Star Pattern . Print out the pattern and tape it to a piece of cardboard. Cut out the [...]

Metal Bracket Star

Join four shelf brackets into a sleek holiday star reminiscent of a vintage car logo. It’s easy — and costs less than $7 per star (plus paint). INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Enlarge the holes in the shelf brackets with a 1/4-inch [.635 cm] drill bit. Then, using post screws and a screwdriver, attach the four brackets [...]

Water Cooler Cup Star

Consisting entirely of water cooler cups, this star is refreshingly easy to make. INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Apply a few small drops of hot glue to the rim of a cup and quickly adhere a second cup to the first, rim to rim. Make nine glued pairs and let dry. Step 2: Glue these nine pairs [...]

Decorative Wood-and-Dowel Menorah

Celebrate the season by making a menorah. This easy wood and dowel project will dress up a fireplace mantel, dining room table, or living room. INSTRUCTIONS: Make the Candles Step 1: Tape off the flame portion of the votives and spray-paint the bases silver. Step 2: Cut the dowel into eight 4″ [10.16 cm] pieces [...]

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