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Artfully Aged Wood Finishes

Bring out the natural beauty of wood in dramatic new ways with these decorative staining and aging techniques INSTRUCTIONS: Each finish requires its own set of tools and materials you’ll need to purchase before beginning. Some finishes rely on the chemistry of the wood itself, so colors may vary from the results shown and from [...]

Pumpkin Projects

Create your own pumpkin patch with these great ideas for carving, scraping, painting, and adding hardware to any pumpkin. Choose a pumpkin design for Halloween or one to last all fall. Whoo Goes There? Paint a fall night scene — complete with bats and a spooky owl — onto a pumpkin. Add another dimension with [...]

Plants for Fall Colour

Catch the growing season’s grand finale by planting a mix of shrubs and trees notable for their colourful fall foliage. Need some inspiration? Look no farther than a park, arboretum, or even a city street to find red maple (Acer rubrum). It’s hardy and it’s found in many parts of the country. Keep these points [...]

Fall Party Projects

Gather friends outdoors to enjoy the abundance of autumn. Try our easy ideas for decor, dining, and a day full of fun.   Set Up a Temporary Table You don’t need a fancy table for your fall feast. Lay a hollow-core door on a pair of sawhorses (#161034) and cover with a tablecloth. After the [...]

Grass Shade Lantern

INSTRUCTIONS: Make the Frame Step 1: Each lantern needs eight pieces of acrylic cut slightly undersize (Project Diagram, Cutting List). Ask a Lowe’s associate to cut the sheets to 6-7/16-inch x 9-7/16-inch [16.35 cm x 23.97 cm]. By cutting the pieces a little undersized, you can make lanterns to the dimensions shown in the cutting [...]

Votive Holders

The supplies listed provide enough material to make seven candleholders. By using the leftover acrylic and doubling the quantities of wood, you can make another seven candleholders. INSTRUCTIONS: Cut the Parts Step 1: Cut the 1 x 4 x 48 [2.54 cm x 10.16 cm x 1.22 m] board in half. On one of the [...]

Dowel Table Set

To start this project, you must build a guide that allows you to drill holes in the edge of a dowel for interlocking joints. Take your time building the guide, and drill the holes to be precise as possible — you’ll be rewarded with a very fast assembly. INSTRUCTIONS: Drill Guides Step 1: Cut the [...]

Dowel Pendant Light

INSTRUCTIONS: Build the Top and Bottom Step 1: From 3/8-in [.953 cm] dowels, cut the top and bottom frame ends (A) and sides (B) to length (Dowel Pendant Light Shade Project Diagram). Then cut the middle slats (C) and long frame connectors (D). Sand the faces and ends smooth. Step 2: Lay a carpenter’s square [...]

Dowel Starburst Wall Art

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Using a compass, mark a 7-inch [17.78 cm] -diameter circle on the pine round. (Avoid touching the rounded edge.) Cut out the circle with a jigsaw and sand the edges smooth. Step 2: Print and assemble the drilling pattern. Wrap it around the edge of the circle and hold it in place [...]

Tablet Stand

INSTRUCTIONS: Frames Step 1: Cut 5/8-inch [1.59 cm] square dowels for the legs (A) and back legs (B) (Project Diagram). You can use oak or poplar stained your favorite colour. We used poplar, which we’ll paint later. Cut 1/2-inch [1.27 cm] square dowels to length for the rails (C). Sand the wood parts with a [...]

Dowel Fruit Rack

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: From the four dowels, cut 12 pieces 9 inches [22.86 cm] long. Sand lightly with 180-grit sandpaper and set them aside. Step 2: From the 1/2 x 3 [1.27 cm x 7.62 cm] poplar, cut two 12-inch [30.48 cm]-long pieces for the sides. Tape the two sides together with the ends flush. [...]

Dowel Coat Rack

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Cut the 1 x 6 board [2.54 cm x 15.24 cm] to 27 inches [68.58 cm] long. On the 1-1/4-inch [3.18 cm] dowel, cut a 45-degree mitre on one end. Good to Know: To keep the dowel from accidentally rolling when using a mitre box and handsaw, clamp it in place before [...]

Dowel Photo Holder

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Cut pairs of dowels 3 inches [7.62 cm] longer than the width of the photos you display. From our 1/2-inch [1.27 cm] dowel, we cut a pair 8 inches [20.32 cm] long and a pair 12 inches [30.48 cm] long. From the 1-inch [2.54 cm] dowel, we cut a pair 10 inches [...]

Dowel Console Table

INSTRUCTIONS: Build the Bases Step 1: Cut two 3 x 3 x 36 [7.62 cm x 7.62 cm x .91 m] poplar boards to length for the dowel caps (A) (Project Diagram, Cutting List). Lay out the holes on one face of each dowel cap. Two of them will have one hole drilled in the [...]

Sack Race Bags

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: From the roll of burlap, cut 8-ft  [2.44 m] -long pieces. If the bags will be used several times by older children and adults, consider sewing double-thick bags. (Two burlap rolls will make three double-thick bags or six regular bags.) Step 2: Fold over a 1-inch [2.54 cm] strip of burlap at [...]

Easy Pinwheels

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Lay out the roll of flashing and tape it flat to your work surface. Mark 10-inch [25.4 cm] squares with a pencil or Sharpie. Good to Know: If you are making more than one pinwheel, mark out several on the plastic roll at once. It’s easier to do an assembly line process [...]

Spray-On Frosted Glass

INSTRUCTIONS: Frost a Glass-Panel Door Step 1: Remove the door from its hinges and lay it on a work surface in a well-ventilated area with the side to be frosted facing up. Thoroughly clean the glass. Step 2: For a clear border of 1 inch [2.54 cm] around the frosted area, place 1-in [2.54 cm] [...]

Painted Room Screen

As a convenient alternative to the free downloadable stencil that will need to be laminated after making copies, you can order a comparable stencil from Royal Design Studios. The Peacock Fancy (large) stencil, cut from 10-mil Mylar, is available for $44 plus shipping and handing. INSTRUCTIONS: Make the Screen Panels Step 1: From the two [...]

Ombré Painting Technique

INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Coat both sides and all edges of the project surface with two base coats of paint (Polar White shown). Divide the work area by the number of paint colours you’ll apply — the room screen shown has eight sections. Use light pencil lines to mark off the areas. Step 2: Lay out [...]

Moroccan-Theme Valance

The valance shown measures 48 inches [1.22 m], but it can be adjusted to suit the width of your window. To shorten or lengthen the pattern, cut it in half at the centre of the large curve, separate the pieces, and draw a line connecting the ends on the pattern. Adjust the shape of the [...]

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