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Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

Delight guests and neighbours with outdoor lighting that conveys the joy of the season. Bright Ideas   Want the secret to having the best-lit house on the block? It’s all about getting the right mix. Here’s how: Start with path lights. Work your way from the ground up, illuminating bushes, trees, windows, doors, and the [...]

Metal Orb Pumpkin

Give the classic Halloween pumpkin a new look you can display inside or outdoors. Turn metal straps into a pumpkin-shaped orb with a stylish green stem. Instructions: Step 1: Use pliers to unscrew the metal hardware from the bun foot. Then use a 1/2-inch drill bit to expand (but not deepen) the hole. Step 2: [...]

Mum Wreath

Hang this colorful, easy-to-make wreath on a door, in a hall, or above a mantel for a fresh fall look. Instructions: Step 1: Soak a floral foam wreath in water. For longer-lasting wreaths, add floral preservative to the water. Step 2: Cut blooms with 2″ to 3″ stems from large mum plants. Strip leaves from [...]

Make a Mumpkin

Fall favorites — chrysanthemums and pumpkins — come together for a dazzling decorating idea perfect for autumn parties. Instructions: Step 1: Look for mums in pots ranging in size from 1.5 quarts to 3 gallons. Step 2: Use an awl to poke holes, approximately 1/2″ apart, around the entire pumpkin. Step 3: Cut .blooms with [...]


Holy shelf liner! A wooden dowel, black paint and shelf liner come together to make the ultimate bat mobile. Instructions: Step 1: Download the bat and print on 8 1/2×11-inch paper. Cut out bat shape. Step 2: Paint the wooden dowels black. To prevent smudging, place on top of blocks to dry. Step 3: Place the bat [...]


This easy-to-make funhouse mirror guarantees double takes at any Halloween party. Funhouse Mirror Illustration Instructions: Step 1: Cut the 1″x4″x10′ board to create one 1″x4″x61″ section and one 1″x4″x59″ section (or ask a Lowe’s Associate to cut it). Step 2: From the 1″x4″x61″ section, cut 2 boards (B) to 30-1/8 inches. From the 1″x4″x59″ section, [...]


Use feather dusters to turn a leftover pumpkin into a cute turkey decoration for Thanksgiving. Instructions: Step 1: Get out a duster and one of the dowels. Before you cut off five equal lengths of dowel, first size up your pumpkin. Place the bottom of the dowel in the middle of the back of the [...]


Create a special place for the kids to enjoy their Thanksgiving meal with an autumn-inspired table runner, placemats, and more! Make the Table Runner & Napkin Ring: Step 1:Download the leaf templates. Trace the leaf outlines onto contractor’s paper and cut them out. (Folding the paper first will allow you to cut out several leaves at [...]

Mantel Makeover

Revive a tired or dated fireplace mantel with a fresh splash of color. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Wash the existing finish with a grease-dissolving detergent or trisodium phosphate (TSP) and let dry. Patch damaged areas and sand lightly with 220-grit sandpaper. Step 2: Tape off the wall and floor. Rub the tape along the edges to [...]

Pegboard Magazine Holder and Shelf

Colourful bungee cords against a white background provide distinctive storage for magazines and notebooks. Top this rack with a shelf for added storage or display space. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Cut the pegboard to size — the one shown was cut to 33 inches wide and 45 inches tall to accommodate the length of the shelf. [...]

Book Sling

Organize a wall-mounted library out of curtain hardware, dowels, and your favorite fabric. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1:Determine the fabric size you need for your sling. (The Book Sling Sewing Guide shows fabric sizes for the slings shown.) Where possible, use factory-sewn edges (shown) instead of making seams. Sew the sling with a 2-1/2-inch-wide casing along each [...]

Lattice Photo Display

Turn small photographs into a custom collage you can update in an instant. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Mark and cut the lattice to size (24-in x 30-in shown) using a jigsaw, or have a Lowe’s associate cut it to size in the store. Use wood glue to reattach any loose pieces and sand any rough edges. [...]

Paint a Wooden Front Door

Spruce up your faded wooden front door with a fresh coat of paint, and restore your home’s warm, inviting appeal. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Remove the door and all of the hardware. Wedge a chisel or flathead screwdriver in the joints between the hinges and the top of the hinge pins, then lightly tap the screwdriver [...]

Stencilled Stair Risers

Looking for an easy way to update your staircase? Do it with paint! Create riser covers with plywood, paint and our free downloadable stencils. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Measure stair risers’ width and height. Cut the 1/4″ x 4′ x 4′ birch plywood to those measurements using a jigsaw. (Don’t rely on each riser being exactly [...]

Painted Pattern Drawer Fronts

Revive worn furniture fast with a downloadable stenciled pattern and easy-to-use spray paint. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Some drawer fronts can be detached from the drawer boxes, making them easier to paint. After removing the hardware, check for two screws on the inside front of the drawer box. Remove them to free the drawer front from [...]

Wooden Floor Mat

Greet guests with a welcoming rainbow of colours. You can build it using basic tools, inexpensive lumber and common hardware. INSTRUCTIONS: Although mat parts can be prepared using simple tools, you’ll work faster and make fewer mistakes using a drill press to bore the 76 holes. If you don’t have access to a drill press, [...]

DIY Painted Dresser

Turn a plain dresser into a trend-setting eye magnet with this fun and easy paint treatment. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: If the surfaces have an existing finish that’s already smooth, sand them with a 220-grit sanding sponge and wipe them clean with a moist cloth. For slightly rough surfaces, sand with 180- and 220-grit sanding sponges, [...]

How to Paint Wall Stripes

Create an attractive colour scheme for any indoor space with painted wall stripes. INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: Paint the wall with a background colour. (We used Valspar Signature Lucky Street, #ar923.) Let dry. Step 2: We created a stripe pattern that repeats every 15″ and consists of a 2″-wide white stripe (Valspar Signature Sunday Times, #ar915), [...]

Painted Lampshade

Turn a plain white lampshade into a burst of color that brightens a room even after you switch off the light. INSTRUCTIONS: You can vary the number, size, and spacing of stripes to get the look you like. You can also use this technique on any size shade. These directions will help you create the [...]

DIY Chalk Finish Paint

Revive old furniture and decoratin accessories with this matte-finish paint you can quickly blend yourself. Chalk-Finish Paint Recipe: Mix your own chalk-finish paint using the following supplies: Mix 1/3 cup of plaster of Paris and 1/3 cup of cool water; stir until completely smooth. Mix that with 1 cup of latex paint and stir thoroughly. [...]

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