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Christmas Décor for Any Room

Before you haul out the holly and put up the tree, check out these easy, colourful ways to add a little Christmas — or a lot — to your home’s most visible rooms.   Energetic Entry   Fill guests with holiday spirit as soon as they walk in. It’s easy when you drape a dazzling [...]

Outdoor Holiday Lighting Ideas

Delight guests and neighbours with outdoor lighting that conveys the joy of the season. Bright Ideas   Want the secret to having the best-lit house on the block? It’s all about getting the right mix. Here’s how: Start with path lights. Work your way from the ground up, illuminating bushes, trees, windows, doors, and the [...]

Front and Festive

Welcome guests with a holiday wreath that reflects your style. Winter White Get a first-frost look with a simple paint treatment. Step 1: Choose a Fruit with pinecone wreath (#155798) with no attached lighting, or update a wreath that you have on hand from past holidays. Step 2: Spray the wreath with one coat of [...]

Tomato-Cage Light Display

See how an ordinary tomato cage and strings of mini lights combine to make a brilliant work of art. INSTRUCTIONS Mount the post cap Remove the dowel screw from the post cap with pliers or cut it off with a hacksaw. Mark four equally spaced hole centres around the perimeter of the bottom of the [...]

Bed-azzling Woven Headboard

Sleep in style with this beautiful woven headboard. You don’t have to be a skilled woodworker to transform plain plywood into a handsome headboard. Just follow these steps: KING SIZE INSTRUCTIONS: Cut plywood into three 9″×81″ [22.86 cm x 205.74 cm] strips and seven 9″×31″ [22.86 cm x 78.74 cm] strips with the grain running [...]

Fine Wine Rack

With its easy construction and convenient storage, this wine rack will be the toast of your household. Repurposed galvanized pipe hangers work in pairs to hold bottles of your favorite vintages with flair. INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: For each bottle, you’ll need two galvanized pipe hangers — one small and one large. Replace the long screw [...]

Twine Ornaments

These quick-and-easy ornaments make unique decorations for a front entry or other areas in the home. INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Inflate balloons to desired size (ours are 9 inches [22.86 cm] in diameter). Step 2: Cut twine to length. We used 200 feet [60.96 m] per ball. Good to know: Don’t unwrap the roll of twine [...]

Stamped Flower Curtains

A flower-design stamp made from pieces of self-adhesive felt turns inexpensive curtain panels into custom-look window treatments. INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Trace petal shapes onto adhesive felt using a wood biscuit or other oval object. Repeat until you have enough oval petals for a flower shape. Cut out petals and apply them to a wood block [...]

Stacked Coffee Table

Made from laminated hollow-core doors placed on top of one another, this simple yet elegant coffee table really stacks up! INSTRUCTIONS: Step 1: First cut each door into two equal pieces. Because they have been cut, you’ll need to seal the cut ends. Start by cutting a piece of scrap wood to the length and [...]

Slide-and-Hide Artwork

Make a clever cover-up for your big-screen TV. All you need is DIY artwork and a sliding closet door track. Want a creative way to hide your big-screen TV when you aren’t watching it? Simply pick two panels and mount them to hang in front of the TV using the hardware and track of a [...]

Silhouette Wall Art

Dress up your walls with this super-simple project using paint and plywood. Trace the silhouettes of family members, pets, monograms, or other icons to hang in your entry or around the house. INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Cut plywood to desired size (one piece can be cut into four 12″x12″ [30.48 cm x 30.48 cm] squares). Step [...]

Super-Simple Book Ledge

Hang this easy-to-build ledge above a bed, over a desk, or anywhere you need extra, low-profile storage. Stagger several of these book ledges along the wall next to a bed in place of a bedside table. INSTRUCTIONS A = 1/2″ x 2″ x 4′ [1.27 cm x 5.08 cm x 1.22 m] board B = [...]

DIY Paint Can Lights

Decorative paint containers plus candles equal a beautifully in-can-descent effect. INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: For a paper pattern like the one shown, first draw a 13-1/4″x4″ [33.66 cm x 10.16 cm] rectangle on a piece of legal- or tabloid-size paper; then draw three lines to divide it into four equal sections 3-5/16″ [8.41 cm] wide. Draw [...]

Painted Hanging Globe Lights

Inspired by Chinese paper lanterns, these solar-powered hanging globe lights make a world of difference in any outdoor setting. INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Assemble the round lantern lights according to the manufacturer’s instructions and set them aside. Step 2: From the sheet of vinyl letters, cut simple leaf shapes with a pair of scissors. (Or draw [...]

Pediment Pizzazz

Add interest to your entry using this fabric-covered board for a pediment. INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Measure the pediment, make a paper template of the desired shape, and use a utility knife to cut the shape out of insulation board (A). Step 2: Cut a piece of outdoor fabric a few centimetres wider than the board [...]

Fall Leaves Wall Art

Create and display leaves that will stay colourful all year. Lightweight plastic cut in leaf shapes looks like the real thing right down to the subtle creases. Spray paint and easy-to-build frames complete the look. INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Download our leaf patterns and cut out the leaf shape. Trace the outline of a leaf onto [...]

Build a Bar Table

This simple table made from hollow-core doors is great for entertaining or relaxing with family and friends. INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Using a table saw, cut one of the hollow core doors to a 52″ [1.32 m] length and another to 50-5/8″ [1.285 m]; these will form the top of the bar table. Then cut a [...]

1 Side Table 3 Ways

Whether you choose a painted, stained, or natural finish, you’ll love having this table by your side. INSTRUCTIONS Build the top and shelf Step 1: From a 3/4″×24″×48″ [1.9 cm x 60.96 cm x 121.92 cm] sheet of birch plywood, cut the top and shelf (A) to size. Cut the front and back edging (B) [...]