Metal Orb Pumpkin

Metal Orb Pumpkin

Give the classic Halloween pumpkin a new look you can display inside or outdoors. Turn metal straps into a pumpkin-shaped orb with a stylish green stem.


Step 1: Use pliers to unscrew the metal hardware from the bun foot. Then use a 1/2-inch drill bit to expand (but not deepen) the hole.

Step 2: Drill 1/2-inch holes 1 inch from both ends of each metal strap. Then bend the straps in an arc slightly wider than they’ll form when mounted on the rod later. Wipe the surfaces clean with mineral spirits and let dry.

Good to Know: When drilling through metal, clamp the strap to a work surface so it doesn’t accidentally spin around. Then put on eye protection before you start. Drill at a low to medium speed and use a couple drops of oil on the tip of the bit to reduce heating.

Step 3: Apply two coats of spray finish (La Fonda Copper shown) to the straps, threaded rod, and 1/2-inch hex nuts. Then paint the bun foot green (Gilded Pesto shown). Good to Know: To simplify spray-painting the hex nuts, roll a piece of paper into a tube tight enough to slip through the hex nuts. This gives you something to hold while spraying paint and it keeps the paint out of the threads.

Step 4: Apply an all-purpose adhesive or epoxy to one end of the threaded rod and the hole in the bun foot. Then attach the bun foot to the rod and set aside to dry.

Step 5: Insert the rod through a 1/2-inch hole at one end of each strap. Thread a hex nut down the rod until it begins to push the straps against the underside of the bun foot, but don’t tighten it yet.

Step 6: Thread another nut about 1-1/2 inches down the rod. One by one, starting with the strap touching the bun foot, bend the straps in arcs until you can pass the end of the rod through the 1/2-inch strap holes. Add another hex nut so the tip of the threaded rod is even with the edge of the nut. Tighten the other nut against the straps with enough pressure to hold the straps in place. Then tighten the nut holding the straps against the bun foot. Touch up the painted metal where needed.

Good to Know: Need a way to anchor your pumpkin for display on your lawn? Use a 24-inch-long threaded rod and position the strap ends 12 inches apart at one end. Apply at least three coats of paint to the extra 12 inches of the rod for added rust protection, and drive that end into the ground.



  • Drill and 1/2-in bit
  • Pliers
  • All-purpose adhesive
  • Mineral spirits


  • 7 – 24-in metal straps
  • 1/2-in x 12-in threaded rod
  • Square taper bun foot3 – 1/2-in hex nuts
  • Valspar satin spray paint, La Fonda Copper
  • Valspar Signature satin paint, 8 ounces, Gilded Pesto (#6007-6B)


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