Pumpkin Turkey

Use feather dusters to turn a leftover pumpkin into a cute turkey decoration for Thanksgiving.


Step 1: Get out a duster and one of the dowels. Before you cut off five equal lengths of dowel, first size up your pumpkin. Place the bottom of the dowel in the middle of the back of the pumpkin. Then place a duster against the dowel, near the top of the pumpkin, (see the photo) and mark the correct dowel length — the dowel should extend almost to the top of the duster (we cut the dowels to about 13 inches). 

Step 2: Cut five dowels to the correct length using a handsaw. Sand any rough edges. 

Step 3: Glue a feather duster to each dowel. The duster should cover the dowel and not flop over. 

Step 4: While the glue dries, cut the plastic sign to make the turkey’s head and the tail. To make the turkey’s head, cut a large circle. Cut two eye-size circles and two smaller circles for the pupils. You also need a triangle for the beak and a wiggly piece for the turkey’s red wattle. For the tail, you need to cut a fan-shaped piece, about 5 inches wide. 

Step 5: Paint the face pieces as desired (we painted the head brown, the beak orange, the eyes white, the pupils black, and the wattle red; we also painted the fan-shape tail brown). To paint the tail, fluff the dusters and use red and/or orange spray paint to lightly coat the dusters. Go easy — the duster’s yellow color should show through the paint. 

Step 6: Once the pieces have dried, glue the face pieces together. Then arrange the dowels on the unpainted side of the tail so they form a fan-shape tail with the fluffy duster side facing up, as shown. Glue them generously and let dry overnight. 

Step 7: Use duct tape to attach the head to the pumpkin’s stem or the front of the pumpkin. Tape the tail to the back of the turkey so the painted fan piece faces out and the feathery side of the dusters faces the front of the turkey. 

Step 8: Set your feathered friend up wherever you need an extra turkey in the house.



  • Handsaw
  • Scissors
  • Glue or hot glue


  • Swiffer 360 Duster refill, unscented
  • 12-in x 8-in red and white plastic 2-sided Open/Closed sign
  • Valspar satin spray paint in Real Red and Gloss Orange
  • 2 1/4-in x 36-in poplar dowels
  • Paint for turkey’s face (We used Cherry on Top #CI 229, Crushed Red Pepper #CI 92, Copper Glow #CI 94, Cracked Pepper #CI 57, and Hush Hush #CI 206)
  • Pumpkin


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