Snow Day

Celebrate Winter!

Bundle up for old fashioned outdoor family fun—stage a winter getaway in your own backyard. It’s a chance to breathe some fresh air, get a little exercise, and spend quality time with your kids. Use a fire pit (#56121), as a warming station.

MAKE SNOW-DAY BOUQUETS Create arrangements from the winter landscape— use evergreens, dogwood stems, and dried flower heads. Display in painted pails .

RIDE & GLIDE Have an old wooden sled? Spruce up the wood with your favourite finish, then wax the runners. Or buy an inexpensive plastic sled and head for the nearest hill. Score style points with colourful mittens, caps, and scarves as you lace up your skates and glide to a nearby rink or pond. Put extra gear in painted buckets, Take hand warmers to keep everyone cozy.

Prep that old sled with wood finish and wax

Paint a bucket to hold your extra woolens

Going ice-skating? Take hand warmers

LOWER THE BROOM Broomball, left, is a fun form of ice hockey you can play without skates. If there’s no ice, you can play it on pavement. Adults and kids can play together. Just grab brooms and a ball. Use cones to mark nets or goal lines.


START A FIGHT Stock up ammo for snowball fights in a steel bucket.
Snowball Fight!

HAVE A SEAT Keep your backside dry in the cold. Paint a steel bucket , invert it, and top with a piece of décorated flooring underlayment (#90773). Or build a simple folding stool out of wood and canvas drop cloth.

Have a seat

GO SNOWBOARDING Make a board for scores and messages. Coat a board with chalkboard paint and attach it to a metal sign frame (#64049).

Go Snowboarding!

Have fuel ready for snow throwers. Pick a pretty perch: bucket of DIY stool. Know the score with chalkboard paint.

Make the Perfect Snowman

Bring your snowman to life with body parts, facial features, and winter attire from Lowe’s. You provide the snow!



No silk hat in the closet? Spray-paint a piece of ducting and place it on Frosty’s head.



For eyes, cover wall bumpers with black tape. Use a table leg (#848) for the nose. For a mouth, poke steel roofing nails through the holes in birch wheels.



Stick a round dowel (#19418) on each side of your snowman for arms. Use wash mitts for the hands.



For the scarf, paint a pattern on drop cloth (#126317). Furniture leg tips (#246508) make buttons.


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