Small Wonders

Could your big tree use a little company around the house? Make OR BUY a tabletop tree and add Christmas to any room!


These trees may look good enough to eat, but we don’t recommend it—the “icing” is actually caulk applied to a paper cone! Vary the look by using utensils— such as a spoon or fork—to apply the caulk.


Reminiscent of historical “onion dome” churches in Russia, these trees couldn’t be simpler to construct: Just remove the screws from finials, bun feet, and table legs, then stack and glue the pieces together.


We won’t string you along—make this one by covering a plumber’s cone (28-inch; 18-inch; 12-inch) with waxed paper. Wrap the cone with string (#349224) soaked in polycrylic finish. Remove from the cone when dry.


Building this elegant tree is no puzzle if you have a jigsaw to carefully cut poplar boards.


Stacked sandpaper squares of various sizes form this pinecone-like tree. A dowel (#19377) attached to a cork plant saucer (#133169) holds it all together. For a décorative touch, top with a toy-train-style smokestack.


Want to wow—but not work—over the holidays? Buy a gilded-look glitter-cone tree (#477225), set it on the table, and you’re golden!


Add a little not-so-plain geometry to your tabletop with sleek pyramids. Cut and glue pieces of poplar board. Drill décorative holes if desired.


Skill Level: Beginner

Estimated Time: 1 Day or Less

Estimated Cost: $30 or Less

*The poplar tree (D) is an intermediate project.

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