Make It Merry


Cheerful Colours

Holiday hues energize the clean lines of this California ranch.

  1. Set a cheerful tone by painting the doors bright red (Valspar Signature Art District, #ar226). The colour fits the season and pops year-round against the handleset. For more door colour, hang a ball wreath (#477283).
  2. Festively frame the entry with a pair of small boxwood trees in resin pots on the stoop. Ball ornaments give the trees a Christmas look, while bands of red and gold ribbon wrap the pots in holiday colour.
  3. Make any tree in your front yard a natural Christmas décoration by hanging ornaments on it. Low branches by the front walk are easiest for you to reach—and for guests to see.

Star Treatment

Star Treatment

Complement the character of a classic brick home by adding stars and greenery. A Craftsman-style door (Special Order) teams up with a handsome handleset and a proper porch light for year-round flair.

  1. Let your home’s lines show you where to décorate. This garland follows the shape of the gabled porch. Jazz up the garland by making stars from wood shims (#3982).
  2. Create a focal point by hanging a big star on high. Cut the base out of plywood, make a simple frame, then glue on layers of wood shims (#3982).
  3. Greet guests at the front door in a whimsical way with this reindeer couple—a buck and a doe. To further ensure a warm welcome, lay out a colourful mat. Frame the door with greens and bows.

Welcome Mat

Starting at the front door, these affordable projects greet guests with your holiday spirit.

More Ways to Say “Welcome!”

Make holiday guests feel special with a few extra front entry fix-ups.

Light the Way Install an overhead light or sconces near the front door. Also consider lighting a path to the door with landscape lighting, luminaria, or some kind of DIY lanterns along the front walk or steps.

Accent Your Address Help guests find your home: Include clearly visible house numbers on or near the door, either ready-made digits or a fun DIY version.

Hear Their Arrival Provide a working doorbell that’s easy to see or a stylish door knocker you can hear inside. How about a doorbell that plays holiday sounds? Or tie some ribbon or bells to the knocker.

Fill Your Glass If your entry door has any glass panels or sidelights, use window film or DIY paint techniques to décorate the glass in faux stained-glass, etched, or frosted designs.

Send a Message Leave a holiday greeting for guests on or near your front door. It could be a simple card with a handwritten message, a chalkboard welcome sign, or a word spelled out in lights or garland.


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