Fresh Fare


Set the stage for holiday gatherings by enhancing your dining area in a weekend or less. Build a bench for extra seating, make a corner cabinet for display space, and décorate a tree. Add to the ambience with a new allen + roth™ chandelier (#345628) and area rug. Stylish curtains (#349523), sheers (#382710), and a rod (#335534) complete the look.

Create a natural-looking tablescape with fresh flowers, vases of branches and greenery spiked with red picks, and bark candles. Hang wrapped ball ornaments and red bead garland from the chandelier.

Make your dining area more festive and functional this season with these inspired ideas.

Christmas Critter

A. CHRISTMAS CRITTER Turn a slip of paper and a cute hedgehog ornament into a gift tag.

Piper's Piping

B. PIPER’S PIPING Make a bench from ordinary pipes and fittings spray-painted gold. Curtain fabric adds an upholstered look.

Project Planner

Skill level: Intermediate

Estimated time: 1 Weekend

Estimated cost: $124

Reindeer Names

C. REINDEER NAMES Put guests in the spirit as they find their seats. Use a marker to write names on burlap reindeer ornaments.

Elves' Shelves

D. ELVES’ SHELVES Use bi-fold doors and a round board for this easy-to-build corner shelf unit.

Project Planner

Skill level: Intermediate

Estimated time: 1 Weekend

Estimated cost: $91 + paint


Deck the Tree

Whether your Christmas tree is real or artificial, traditional or eclectic, you can décorate it like a design pro. Try following this order.

  1. STRING THE LIGHTS If your tree is pre-lit, you have a jump-start on this step. If not, starting at the base of the Christmas tree, wrap lights around every good-size branch, working from trunk to tip and back. Figure on 100 lights for every vertical foot of tree.
  2. HANG THE SWAG Add garland or ribbon if it suits your look. Start at the top and work your way down. Tuck in sprigs of berries or pinecones for a natural touch.
  3. ADD THE ORNAMENTS Place the Christmas tree topper first. Hang handmade, heirloom, and uniquely shaped ornaments in prime spots, then add basic ornaments in one or two main colours.
  4. FINISH THE LOOK Finish with any clipon ornaments—such as poinsettia blooms (#143567)—or icicles.


Basic Ornaments

Ornaments shaped liked balls (#477545, bulbs, and finials set the colour scheme. Space large ornaments evenly, then fill in with small ones. Hang some ornaments close to the trunk for depth and sparkle.


Sparkles and Swag

Picks and garlands on the boughs of the tree add shine and texture. These picks mimic the look of berry branches and twigs or vines. Just stick them snugly into spaces between branches.


Whimsical Touches

Along with basic ornaments, have some fanciful décorations on the tree—a reindeer, a critter , or shapes inspired by nature. For maximum effect, use these sparingly and space them out.



Lots of people love putting a star atop the tree, but there are other options, too, such as a big bow, a bouquet, an angel, or a snowflake. Be sure to choose a topper that’s not too big or small for the height of the tree.


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