Colour Grid Wall Art

Make a bold, colourful statement with these wall panels. You can paint in colours that complement the decor in any room.

This project uses 12 separate colours. If you choose to customize the colours, select a mix of light (but not lighter than the background), medium, and dark shades for contrast. Ask a Lowe’s associate for help selecting complementary colours to go with the core colours you like.


Step 1: Paint a 24-in x 48-in [60.9 cm x 1.22 m] stretched canvas with one coat of a neutral background colour (Ultra White shown) to the front and edges. Allow this to dry thoroughly before applying tape.

Step 2: Download the layout diagram and use it to measure and mark the canvas along the edges and ends where you’ll lay the tape strips. (You may need to mark in the centre along the length of the canvas for a straight tape line.) Apply each tape strip and press the tape edges firmly against the painted canvas, especially where the tape strips cross each other. Apply a second coat of background colour to the front and edges.

Step 3: Use the photographs as a guide or choose your own combination of colours and mark the rectangles with different colour numbers. Paint each rectangle assigned to the first colour number, let dry, and add a second coat. Repeat for each additional colour number. For rectangles bordering an outside edge, extend the colour from the front to the edges and ends.

Good to Know: By painting the squares one colour at a time instead of in rows, you’ll spend less time cleaning brushes.

Step 4: After the final coat dries thoroughly, remove the tape. Touch up any edges as needed with a small brush.

Step 5: Screw a D-ring hanger to the center stretcher at the top end so the tip of the ring is just below the inside edge of the frame. Use a nail long enough to reach a wall stud or add a drywall anchor to support the art.



Skill Level: Beginner

Estimated Time: 1 weekend

Estimated Cost: $59 + stretched canvas


  • 24-in x 48-in [60.9 cm x 1.22 m] stretched canvas (available at art supply stores)
  • 1-in [2.54 cm] painter’s tape (actual width is 15/16-in [2.38 cm])
  • Tape measure
  • Foam brushes and small roller


  • Large D-ring picture hangers, pack of four, #264575
  • Valspar Signature semigloss paint, quart [.95 L] Ultra White
  • Valspar Signature satin paint, 8 ounces [236.6 mL]: Volcanic Ash, Michigan Avenue, Swizzle Stick, Brush Meadow, Rosy Sandstone, Spritz of Lime, La Fonda Flamenco Pink, Green Suede, Catwalk, Pronghorn, Santa Monica Blvd., Park Place, Man Cave

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