Organize a Block Party

block party

Get everyone on your block to pitch in and help throw the ultimate summer party. Make it memorable with handmade projects, furniture, and equipment from Lowe’s.

Easy Pinwheels

Decorate the whole block with these fun, easy-to-make pinwheels. The durable vinyl material (#137632) makes them easy to reuse or hand out to kids afterward.

Row of pinwheels

Sack Race Bags

Jazz up easy-to-make sack-race bags with painted stripes and designs. Downloadable patterns help you number each sack.

More Block Party Projects

Rock the Block Banner

Make the street safe for activities by blocking it off with these banners. Cut a canvas drop cloth to a 2-foot x 8-foot [.61 m to 2.44 m] size, tape and paint a border around the edges, and hand-paint “Rock the Block” (or a message of your choice) centred on the banner. Then add grommets to the corners and use rope to hang it from a pair of anchored stepladders.

 Kids running beneath a street banner

Hang Colourful Pennant Signs

Make as many pennants as you need to spell out different messages. To make bunches of these flags, cut strips of drop cloth a little wider than you want the length of your pennants. Then draw alternating diagonal lines equal distances apart and cut the drop cloth into pieces along the lines. Paint a background colour, let dry, and add hand-painted lettering and decorations. Then fold the wide end around a length of rope and use hot glue to hold it in place.

Pennant signs with “eats” spelled out

Meal Time — On the Dot

Turn a 6-foot x 9-foot [1.83 m x 2.74 m] drop cloth into a bright, fun tablecloth you can wash and reuse. Use a compass to make a 6-inch [15.24 cm] circle centred on a scrap of cereal box cardboard and cut out the circle. Use the cardboard scrap to trace pencil circles at random on the tablecloth. Then paint in the circles. Let the tablecloth dry overnight before using, and wash only in cold water.

Serving table with DIY polka dot tablecloth

Sign of a Good Time

Identify events and attractions with colourful custom signs. From a small moving box (#118595), cut out the sides and ends and paint both sides of each piece. Use painter’s tape to mask the centre about 2 inches [5.08 cm] from the edges and paint a border in a contrasting colour. Then paint on designs and lettering, glue a wooden stake to the back, and plant your signs.

Pet Parade sign on painted cardboard


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