Father’s Day Gift Guide

This year, forget the tie and get Dad a gift he really wants — a smoking, searing, sizzling new BBQ. We pitted a Broil King Keg 4000 charcoal grill (#422465) against a four-burner Broil King Baron 440 (#20442) gas grill to determine the best Father’s Day gift for your dad.


Charcoal: How patient is Dad? He will have to wait 15 to 30 minutes for the charcoal to reach the right temp.

Propane: Gas smokes charcoal on time. Push-button lighting and 10 minutes to preheat get Dad moving fast.

Slow cooking

Charcoal: Dad can show off his precision. He’ll need to add more briquettes at regular intervals to keep the fire going for slow-cook items like ribs.

Propane: Dad can give pit masters a run without breaking a sweat. Just set the temp and walk away.


Charcoal: Dad will need to use about 3 pounds [1.36 kg] of charcoal every time he cooks. He’s a tough guy. He can lift that.

Propane: A fuel tank lasts about 90 hours (and weighs about 40 pounds [18.14 kg] full). How are Dad’s biceps looking?


Charcoal: How much bragging can you take? Charcoal briquettes impart a smoky “grilled” flavour that makes even a plain burger taste better.

Propane: These BBQs won’t get you smoke (unless you add wood chips). But Dad can still put a crusty, delicious sear on that steak.

Grill Guide

Which style of grilling fits your father’s style? Either the Broil King Keg 4000 charcoal grill (#422465) or the Broil King Baron 440 (#20442) will enhance your dad’s BBQ.

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Grilling Tools

Ever tried to baste meat with tongs, flip a burger with a fork, or turn corn without tongs? A complete tool set (#143001) stops your BBQ struggles.

Father’s-Day-Gift-Guide Grilling Tools

Grill Mat

Keep the space around your BBQ clean by outfitting your deck or patio with a grill mat. A durable concrete fiber mat (#117446) can be hosed clean, is heat- and weather-resistant, and keeps grease spills from staining outdoor surfaces.

Father’s-Day-Gift-Guide Grilling Mat

Grill Cleaner

Keep your BBQ ready for action with Citrusafe (#297946) grill and grate cleaner. If you’ve been turning up the BBQ to burn off any mess after cooking, this non-toxic cleaner will save you fuel.

Father’s-Day-Gift-Guide Grill Cleaner

Grill Stone

Scrape away greasy build-up on your BBQ with this chemical-free tool (#69203) that works like a pumice stone.

Father’s-Day-Gift-Guide Grill Stone

Grill Basket

BBQ more than burgers and dogs. A basket (#25375) lets you serve up vegetables, fish, and other small bites. Give the basket a shake as you grill—no need to turn each veggie. Head to our free BBQ recipe collection at lowes.ca/recipes and find out what your barbeque can do.

Father’s-Day-Gift-Guide Grill Basket

Grill Wood Chips

Get the most flavour out of your BBQ by using wood chips. Try different woods, such as hickory and mesquite, to add new smoke flavours to your BBQ faves.

Father’s-Day-Gift-Guide Grill Wood Chips


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