5 Steps for the Perfect Lawn

5 Steps for the Perfect Lawn

Keep your lawn luscious and healthy with these simple steps.

Step 1: Thatch

Use a garden or thatch rake—or get it done fast with a power dethatcher—to go after that layer of dead plant material that’s starving your lawn of air, water, and nutrients.


Step 2: Aerate
Your lawn will breathe easier if you use an aerating tool once a year or whenever the soil has become compounded. Punching those holes helps drainage and promotes root growth by boosting oxygen in the soil.


Step 3: Fertilize

Add a balanced fertilizer three times each year—in early spring, late spring, and fall. Lawn food contains nitrogen, which helps to green up lawns quickly.


Step  4: Water
Watering moves fertilizer into the soil and helps your lawn develop drought resistance and a deeper root system. Give your lawn about an inch [2.54 cm] of water each week.

Step  5: Mow
Make sure mower blades are sharpened as often as the manufacturer recommends. When you mow, cut a third of the grass height; as temps warm up, raise the mower height.


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