Metal-Framed Plant Holder



Step 1: Lay the four fence sections to form a square on a flat work surface with the legs of the sections touching the bottom edges of the adjoining sections. If your fence sections have more than the two end legs, either trim off the centre legs or leave them on to add to the design.

Step 2: Use cable ties to join the legs to the bottom wires of the sections. Then add ties to connect the sections at the inside corners. For an extra-tight grip, leave a slight gap in the jaws of one set of pliers and place those against the head of the cable tie. Grip the tail of the tie with another set of pliers and pull the tie tight around the metal. Use wire cutters to remove the excess cable ties.

Pull cable ties tight

Step 3: Lay the assembled frame on a drop cloth or scrap cardboard and apply several light coats of spray paint (Exotic Sea Spray shown) to both sides. Spray the plant holder a contrasting colour (Classic Red shown). Then brush at least two coats of exterior paint (Field of Daisies shown) on the inside and outside of a clay pot.

Step 4: Hold the frame against the fence where you’ll mount it and mark the fence cross-beam at the upper inside corners of the frame. Drive a 2-inch [5.08 cm] deck screw at each mark, leaving the heads about 1/2 inch [1.27 cm] from the wood surface. Hang the frame on the exposed screws and add a third screw to the bottom fence section to hold the frame flat against the fence.

Good to Know: If you plan to install a plant holder, position the frame to place a fence board — not a gap between boards — at the centre of the frame.

Step 5: Centre the plant holder within the frame and screw it to the fence board with the hardware that came with the holder. Add the flowerpot to complete the project.


Skill Level: Beginner

Estimated Cost: $58

Time Estimate: 2 Hours


  • Drill with screwdriving bits
  • 2 pairs of pliers
  • Wire cutters


  • 4 – Gothic metal garden fence sections (styles may vary by store)
  • Wire wall planter, #8212
  • 4-in [10.16 cm] clay pot, #94448
  • Nylon cable ties, #222127
  • 2-in [5.08 cm] deck screws
  • Valspar spray paint, Exotic Sea Spray and Classic Red
  • Valspar Duramax exterior paint, quart [946 mL], Field of Daisies (#3003-1B)

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