Flowerpot Trellis

Flowerpot trellises with climbing flowers on a patio



Step 1: Cut the legs off of two tomato cages. Save the cutoffs for later use. A smaller cage can be made using 33-in [83.82 cm] tomato cages with three rings.

Clip off wire ends

Step 2: Nestle one cage inside another for extra structural support. Alternate the long vertical wires so they’re equidistant to each other when nested.

Nest two cages together

Step 3: Fasten cable ties to secure the two cages at their intersections. Repeat steps 1-3 with the last two cages.

Connect nested cages

Step 4: Stack the two pairs of cages vertically with the largest rings touching. Fasten the top to the bottom with cable ties. If you want to camouflage the cages, spray-paint them green.

Connect two pairs of cages with cable ties

Step 5: Bend the cut off legs in half like hairpins and use them to stake the cage to the soil in the flowerpot.

Anchor the trellis in a flowerpot


Skill Level: Beginner

Estimated Cost: $65 plus paint and soil for two flowerpot trellises

Time Estimate: 1 Afternoon


  • Wire-cutting pliers


  • 8 – 42-in [1.07 m] tomato cages, #93190
  • 4-in [10.16 cm] black cable ties, #76328
  • 14-in [35.56 cm] terra-cotta pot, #94454
  • Soil
  • Rust-Oleum spray paint, Key Lime


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