Winter Scene Wall Decorations

Create a winter wonderland scene! Decorate a wall of any room with inexpensive shelf liner and our free downloadable patterns.

Step 1: Print and cut out the downloadable patterns for the round snowflakes, tree, cabin, two-piece snowman, and three-piece snowdrift. If you’re making several trees, use the same pattern for the top and bottom but vary the height of the trees by cutting sections from the bottom.

Good to Know: You also can draw flakes on the shelf paper using a circle compass.

Step 2: Transfer the patterns to the back sides of shelf liner pieces and cut out the shapes using scissors or a utility knife.

Trace pattern shapes on shelf paper underside

Good to Know: Tracing patterns on the back side of the shelf liner eliminates marker lines from the face of the shape, but you’ll need to flip the pattern so the back side is down before tracing.

Step 3: With the backing still on, hold each shape against the wall and decide where you want to apply it. Using a utility knife, cut a slit in shelf liner paper backing (but not through the front) at the edge of the pattern. Bend the shape enough to separate the paper from the liner, and then apply the design to the wall. Apply just enough pressure to hold it in place on a smooth wall. (Decorations will not stick to heavily textured walls.)

Separate shelf paper from its backing

Good to Know: Shelf paper adhesive comes off walls easily but bonds tight to itself, so don’t plan to reposition decorations overlapping other decorations. For the cabin, cut the curl of smoke separately, and apply it after you place the cabin on the wall.

Apply cutouts to a wall


Skill Level: Beginner

Estimated Cost: $3

Time Estimate: A few hours


  • Scissors
  • Utility knife


  • 12-in x 10-ft [30.48 cm x 3.048 m] peel-and-stick shelf liner, #223760

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