Fall Yard Tips

Keep your yard looking great throughout the fall with these helpful pruning, lawn care, and maintenance tips.

Fall yard arrangement

Get into those gutters.

Clearing leaves and debris from your gutters will ensure proper roof runoff. Put on rubber gloves, and then scoop out the gutter gunk with a trowel. If the mess is hard, soak it using a garden hose. Once cleaned, rinse with the hose and make sure downspouts are clear as well.

Cut back trees and hedges.

After plants drop their leaves, use pruning snips to cut off/out dead areas and overgrown parts. You may need a chainsaw for heavier limbs.

Banish thatch and fertilize.

Aerate the lawn with an aerator or rake. Apply weed control and fall lawn fertilizer for the best spring results.

Keep up with mowing.

Continue to mow the grass, but adjust the mower blade so the grass is at least 2 inches [5.08 cm] long to promote root development. Water the lawn well throughout the fall months if rain is lacking. Morning watering is preferable.

Turn over the veggie garden.

Clean out dead plants and weeds and remove any diseased plants. Using a shovel or a tiller, turn over the soil, add compost, and then work it into the soil.


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