12 Ways to Prep for Fall

Get everything you need to prepare for the fall season — from outdoor power equipment to bulb planting tips.

Child in fall leaves

1. Pile Up.

Get in touch with your inner child and jump into a big pile of leaves.

2. Go Electric

Electric Blower

Yardwork is easy with an electric blower that blows, vacuums, and mulches. (Check your local Lowe’s store for the latest products and availability.)

3. Use the Leaves

Fall foliage is beautiful — until you have to rake. Here are four things to do with leaves: 

Turn piles of leaves into compost. For the best results, shred leaves, then layer with soil, grass clippings, or other organic material; turn frequently.

Use leaves as groundcover for garden beds. They insulate perennials during cold winter months. Pull back from plants in spring.

Use an electric push mower to mulch your leaves. Let them decompose and feed the turf, or collect and add to garden beds.

Bring colourful leaves inside and use them for craft projects. Press them between the pages of a book and frame or use them to embellish a wreath or flower arrangement.


4. Plan Ahead

Plant bulbs in the fall to enjoy beautiful blooms next spring — and keep these three things in mind: 

The best time to plant spring-blooming bulbs is after fall’s first frost, when soil temperatures have cooled.

Place bulbs in well-drained soil. They typically require at least six hours of direct sunlight each day.

Dig a hole two to three times deeper than the bulb is tall, and then place the bulb in the hole, pointy side up.



5. Lock in Heat

Seal windows with insulation kit and hair dryer

Seal drafty windows in older homes with an insulation kit. The clear film shrinks to fit your window and is easy to install with a hair dryer. Simply remove in the spring.


6. Close the Gap

Weather stripping
Keep drafts at bay with caulk or weather stripping that seals gaps around windows and doors.


7. Cut Costs

Programmable thermostat
Save energy and money — without affecting your comfort — by installing a programmable thermostat. Models such as this can reduce your annual heating and cooling bills by up to 10 percent. Source: U.S. Department of Energy.


8. Warm Up

Ceiling fan
Think ceiling fans are only for warm weather? Think again. Change the rotation direction of your ceiling fan to clockwise in cooler months to push warm air down into the room. Most fans have a control switch on the stem.

9. Take It Outside

Here are a handful of ways to prep your outdoor areas for the winter ahead: 

Clean gutters and downspouts. If the temps in your area drop below freezing and stay there, consider installing heat cables to prevent ice dams.

Touch up paint on trim, railings, and decks. Use a wire brush to remove flaking paint; sand, then prime bare wood before putting on a top coat.

Clean and store or cover patio furniture, grills, umbrellas, and outdoor summer toys. Did you know there are covers for firepits, chimneys, and patio heaters?

Looking forward to the sight of fresh snow? Wash your windows so you can see it.

Got a fireplace? Plan on using it? Have the chimney and flue inspected and cleaned, if necessary.



10. Fall Back

When you set your clocks back one hour to Standard Time, check the batteries in your smoke alarm and replace your furnace filters.


11. Decorate with Colour

Fall bouquet
Fill out a bouquet of alstroemeria and chrysanthemum blooms with mini gourds and apples attached to 1/4″ [.635 cm] dowels (#19377).

Mini pumpkin table decoration

Or create a mini pumpkin table decoration using jute twine (#349245) for less than $3 plus pumpkins.


12. Paint Pumpkins

Painted-face pumpkins
Here’s another pumpkin project that will make you smile: Add painted faces and clever accessories to pumpkins for about $20 plus pumpkins and paint.


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