Tabletop Garden Tips

Miniature gardens soothe the soul and add a touch of spring to indoor spaces. Use these tips to make your own little oasis even better.


1. A thick layer of coarse sand gives miniature ecosystems extra drainage.

2. Inadequate drainage is the number-one problem when it comes to tabletop gardens and terrariums. Solution: Add a layer of marble nuggets or gravel beneath the soil.

3. A moisture-retentive potting soil for containers (#147197) gives tiny gardens needed nutrients.

4. Activated charcoal pieces (found at aquarium-supply stores) filter the water and help prevent fungi from forming.

5. Moss thrives in humid, CO2-rich environments. If moss starts to turn brown, add a little water, cover with a lid, and watch it green up.

6. Think of your miniature garden as a tiny stage. Prop it with decorative deer, bunnies, frogs, trolls, and fairies. Acorns and pinecones give gardens a natural look.

7. Diminutive plants (as opposed to young plants that will outgrow their space) are best for small containers. Our favourite miniature plants include ferns, mosses, sedums, succulents, begonias, ivies, violets, and coleus.

Terrarium Basics: Microclimate Control

Open Container: Succulents and cacti prefer arid conditions with indirect light and lots of ventilation. They’ll do best if you keep the lid off most of the time.

Closed Container: Humidity-tolerant, shade-loving plants such as ferns, ivies, and begonias prefer covered containers. Remove the lid when too much condensation occurs; replace it to retain moisture.


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