15 Spring Ideas

The outdoor entertaining season is almost here. Be ready by Victoria Day with these simple tips, ideas, and projects for spring.


1. Cook up some fun. Surprise guests by turning the BBQ into an outdoor pizza oven. Arrange coals around the outside edge of the BBQ for indirect cooking. Add your favourite toppings to a ready-made crust, set it on the middle of the BBQ, and then savour the rich, smoky flavour that charcoal gives to pizza. Get great BBQ recipes.

2. Scrub the BBQ. Before your first barbecue, soak grill grates in warm water with dish soap to remove buildup. Then scrape inside the hood and clean the sides with a grill brush (#216842). Hose off the grates and scrub clean.

3. Start Smart. Light your BBQ with a Weber Charcoal Chimney Starter (#197879). Fill the chimney with charcoal, place it over crumpled newspaper, and light — no lighter fluid needed. It’s foolproof, fast, and environmentally friendly too!

4. Check your tools. The right tools are a must for barbecuing. Barbecuing accessories include long-handled spatulas, forks, tongs, and basting brushes. (May not be exactly as shown.)

5. Make finger food. Thread meat and veggie combos on skewers with a space between the pieces for even cooking. Add cherry tomatoes to the end of each skewer for the last 2 or 3 minutes of cooking.

6. Pick up some skewers. Barbecue like a pro with FireWire flexible stainless-steel skewers (#381185).

7. Dig your dirt. Improving your soil is the best investment you can make in your garden. It doesn’t have to be a chore. Do it one shovelful at a time — every time you plant, add compost.

8. Mix and match. Combine hardworking herbs and attractive ornamentals in decorative pots to make eye-catching arrangements. Container gardens go anywhere on your deck or patio and become instant focal points.

9. Offer a clean seat. Wipe down outdoor furniture with a stiff brush to remove winter grime. Wash wood, metal, and aluminum furniture with mild soap and water.

10. Build a bluebird abode. Create some decorative digs for your feathered friends. Print out the pattern [Link to bluebird abode project page]. Trace two silhouettes onto birch plywood (#6197) and cut them out using a jigsaw. Drill a 1-1/8″ [2.86 cm] hole in one. Paint the silhouettes and a 3″ [7.62 cm] PVC coupling (#282439) blue; glue the cutouts to the ends of the coupling. Get step-by-step instructions.

11. Make a splash. Create an attractive water feature and add the soothing sounds of splashing water to your outdoor area with a fountain you can build in just one afternoon. Get step-by-step instructions.

12. Ring in spring. Make this simple garden chime from terra-cotta pots (#94448), rope, and a key. Customize it with paint, drawings, and decorative motifs. Get step-by-step instructions.

13. Tack up some trowels. Turn garden trowels (#57754) and hooks (#20772) into handy hangers for leashes, hats, and garden tools. Attach hooks to the trowels, and then fasten the trowels to the wall using simple screws.

14. Get a clear view. To get sparkling windows, clean glass with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water. A squeegee delivers streak-free results.

Tip: Clean windows on a cloudy day; you’ll avoid streaks.

15. Create a crate. This easy-to-make, easy-to-carry herb crate goes from countertop to windowsill to outdoor potting bench. Get full instructions.

Good to Know Grab herbs and pots at Lowe’s and start a kitchen garden early in the spring. Take them outdoors when temps warm up.


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