Make Your Own Holiday Wreaths

Make a holiday wreath that will brighten any door. Wood dowels, seat belts, and more make DIY wreaths you’ll be proud to display as part of your holiday decor or give as holiday gifts.


Geometric Wood Slat Wreath
Cut six 36″ [91.44 cm] square dowels (#27594) in half to make a dozen 18″ [45.72 cm] pieces. Paint them red and glue together in a tic-tac-toe pattern to create a centre circle.
Pretty PVC Wreath

Candy canes were the inspiration for this holiday wreath. Red-and-white reflective tape (#34093) applied to PVC coupling pipe (#161231) make the super-easy stripes. Cut a hole in the middle of a 5-gallon [18.9 L] bucket lid, then use a glue gun to adhere the pipe pieces.

Tiny Circles Wood Dowel Wreath

Wooden dowels ranging from 1⁄2″ to 2″ [1.27 cm x 5.08”] in diameter and cut to 2” [5.08 cm] are glued together to form a circle. Leave the wreath as is for an all natural holiday decoration, or paint it in bright hue of your choice for fun holiday colour.

Fold-It-Up Belt Wreath

Start with a green nylon tie-down belt (#317651) and cut off the buckle and hook on the ends. Fold the belt into 3” [7.62 cm] loops. Insert a 14-gauge wire (#62931) through the center of each loop, then bend to form a circle.

Snowflake Wreath

Cut square dowels (#27546) into 5″ [12.7 cm], 2 3⁄4″ [6.985 cm], and 2 1⁄2″ [6.35 cm] pieces to create this retro-fun snowflake wreath.

Monkey Business Wreath

Double up vinyl tubing (#22275) to form a circle, and then wrap with strips of drop cloth. Glue the ends of the drop cloth to secure in place. Add sock monkey ornaments (#351307), metallic balls, and greenery for whimsical accents.

Wrapping Paper Wreath

Roll 8 1⁄2″×11″ [21.6 cm x 27.9 cm] pieces of leftover wrapping paper around a smooth pencil to create slender tubes. Connect with clear tape. Cut a 20″ [50.8 cm] doughnut shape out of corrugated cardboard for the base. Divide the base into four sections to evenly distribute the tubes. Apply a stripe of glue around the base and arrange the tubes. Play around with colour and pattern as you layer the paper.

Poinsettia Power

This flower-filled wreath (#112941) adds vivid Christmas colour to mantels, walls, and doors. Use artificial flowers to help it last for years!

Coffee Filter Wreath

Skill Level: Beginner

Estimated cost: Each under $20

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