Front and Festive


Welcome guests with a holiday wreath that reflects your style.

Winter White

Get a first-frost look with a simple paint treatment.

Step 1: Choose a Fruit with pinecone wreath (#155798) with no attached lighting, or update a wreath that you have on hand from past holidays.

Step 2: Spray the wreath with one coat of Valspar White Gloss spray paint (#282276, #244114); let dry. To create the flocked look shown here, spray the wreath with one to two coats of orange-peel ceiling texture paint (#186556). Allow to dry.

Step 3: Lightly spray a pinecone Ting Ting decorative pick (#160028) with Valspar Metallic Gold spray paint (#282320, #282734). Let dry.

Step 4: Tie white ribbon (#137377) into a bow, and secure with 22-gauge wire (#62940). Attach a Gold swirl (#63646) to the white ribbon using wire. Secure the swirl to the wreath’s metal frame using wire. Separate the pinecones from the pick, and attach to the swirl.


Razzle Dazzle

Make it fun with bright colors and a little bling.

Welcome guests with a wreath that reflects your style, whether traditional, whimsical, or somewhere in between.

Good To Know
To paint designs on the ornaments, use electrical tape (#39340) for stripes or 3/4″ oatmeal felt pads (#53406) for polka dots. Remove the tape or felt pads when paint is dry.

Step 1: Select a 30″ pine wreath (#267523) with LED lights. Choose an assortment of small and large round silver ornaments (#159243).

Step 2: Cut a 12-inch piece of 22-gauge wire (#62940) for each ornament, and loop it through the ornament’s hanger.

Step 3: Spray-paint the ornaments with your desired color; we used Premium Satin Everglade (#282369) and Royal Blue (#282302).
Cover the hangers with painter’s tape to protect during painting, and use the wire to hang the ornaments while paint dries.

Step 4: Wrap the wire around the wreath’s metal frame to secure the ornaments.

Step 5: Add gold or silver ornaments (#116510) painted in coordinating colors and Ting Tings, white/silver sprays, (#160083) to the wreath.


wreath_step1 wreath_step2

Tied and True

Use red ribbon to link two wreaths.

Step 1: Select large and small live wreaths.

Step 2: Use utility scissors to cut one end of a strand of Sugared fruit garland (#138061). Slide the apples off the garland; set aside. Cut an 8-inch piece of 24-gauge wire (#52686) for each apple.

Step 3: Thread a piece of wire through the hole in each apple, and use the wire to secure to the wreath. (If necessary, use a large nail to widen the holes in the apples for the wire.)

Step 4: Cut a length of assorted wire ribbon (#54161), depending on how far apart you would like the wreaths to hang. Loop the ribbon through the center of each wreath, and tie in a knot at the back to secure.


Good To Know: To keep the ribbon clean and crisp, add starch and then iron it before linking the wreaths together.

Fresh-Cut Snowflake

Turn Christmas tree trimmings into a one-of-a-kind wreath.

Step 1: Gather six pieces of trimmings from your live Christmas tree. Use shears to cut the pieces to the desired lengths (ours measure approximately 13 inches).

Step 2: On a workspace, place two sprigs face down and end to end. Cut a length of 9-gauge wire (#52685) that measures 2 inches longer than the span of the two sprigs (ours is 28 inches). The wire will serve as a spine for the wreath. Using pliers, create a loop at one end of the wire.

Step 3: Lay the wire on top of the sprigs with the loop flush with one end. Use 22-gauge wire (#62940) to secure the sprigs to the 9-gauge wire at various points.

Step 4: Use the 22-gauge wire to secure the remaining four sprigs to the 9-gauge wire in an X pattern as shown.

Step 5: Add evergreen sprigs, such as boxwood and pine clippings, to the front of the wreath near the center using 22-gauge wire.

Step 6: If desired, use jute twine (#66510) to add a 3 pack clear glass finial ornament (#137427) near the center of the wreath.


Good To Know: Place extra trimmings in vases to carry the fresh-cut scent of the season throughout your home.


Wooden: Use a hook and nail for a wooden door. Be sure to check the packaging for the weight restrictions.

Metal and Fiberglass: Over-the-door wreath hangers (found in the seasonal living department) work well for these types of doors.

Glass: Consider using a suction-cup hook (#168540) to hang your wreath on a glass door. These hooks are also great for windows.

Brick: Use a masonry bit to predrill a hole into the mortar. Attach a hook to the mortar using a lead or plastic screw anchor.

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