Stacked Coffee Table

Made from laminated hollow-core doors placed on top of one another, this simple yet elegant coffee table really stacks up!



Step 1: First cut each door into two equal pieces. Because they have been cut, you’ll need to seal the cut ends. Start by cutting a piece of scrap wood to the length and thickness of the opening at the cut end. Apply Weldbond to secure it — clamp the ends while the Weldbond dries or just add a couple of pin nails. (You’ll cover the ends later, so they don’t have to be perfect.)

Step 2: Spray adhesive to each door half and join them. (This glue sets immediately, so you only get one shot at this. Be careful when you’re aligning the edges, and make sure you have good contact all the way around.)

Step 3: Now it’s time to start laminating. All the laminate pieces are cut about 1/2″ [1.27 cm] oversized so you can trim them to fit. Starting with one of the sides, spray an even layer of adhesive on the door and another layer on the laminate. Then position the laminate and press into place; use a J-roller to get a good seal between the laminate and the door. Then use a router with a laminate trimming bit to trim off the excess. Repeat with the other sides.

GOOD TO KNOW: If the laminated edges are crooked, it’s okay. As long as the surfaces are covered, you can fix the crooked edges with a router.

Step 4: Now that you have all four sides on, sand them to remove any bumps and lumps before putting on the laminate top.

Step 5: Add the top and bottom the same way you laminated the sides: spray, position, seal, and rout. When all your laminate is in place, use a lacquer thinner on a shop rag to remove globs of glue.

Step 6: Repeat with additional doors — using different colours of laminate if you choose — then start stacking in whatever configuration you like!


Estimated cost: $254*

Skill level: Intermediate

Time Estimate: 1/2 day


  • Table saw or jigsaw
  • Router with laminate trimming bit
  • J-roller (#348244)
  • Clamps
  • Sandpaper
  • Scrap wood

Get It At Lowe’s**:

  • 4 ReliaBilt 28″ [71.12 cm] Flush/Lauan hollow interior door slabs (#92516)
  • 2 Wilsonart New Age Oak laminate sheet (#239104)
  • 2 Wilsonart Frosty White laminate sheet (#239160)
  • 8 oz.  [236 mL] Weldbond wood glue (#211985)
  • 3M Super 77 Spray 77-24 (#41209)
  • 2 pints [946 mL] lacquer thinner REC (#27260)

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