Slide-and-Hide Artwork

Make a clever cover-up for your big-screen TV. All you need is DIY artwork and a sliding closet door track.


Want a creative way to hide your big-screen TV when you aren’t watching it? Simply pick two panels and mount them to hang in front of the TV using the hardware and track of a sliding closet door!


Step 1: Measure from the mantel to your ceiling, then subtract 2″ [5.08 cm]. This measurement will be the height of your panels. Then measure the width of your TV; divide that by two and add 2″ [5.08 cm]. That will be the minimum width of both of your panels. Make sure your track is long enough to accommodate your panels when they’re in the open position; the total length of the track should be at least double the total width of your panels.

Good to know: A single hardware kit with a 72″ [1.83 m] track will handle most TVs with screens up to 32″ [81.28 cm]. For larger TVs, use pairs of shorter tracks installed end-to-end.

Step 2: Measure the depth of your TV and its wall-mount bracket, then add an inch [2.54 cm]. This will determine how far out from the wall you’ll need to mount the track to the ceiling. Mark your centre point at the depth you determined, then attach the track to the ceiling. Use wall drillers to keep the holes aligned with the joists in the ceiling.

Step 3: Attach the slider hardware to your panels, and hang each panel on the track. Then, partially insert screws at both ends of the track to block the panels from sliding off when you open them up. Finally, you can paint the panels in a design of your choice and turn them into your own personal works of art! (We painted leaf patterns using an array of fall-themed colours and a taping technique to create stripes of varying widths; see the Lowe’s List if you wish to use the same colours, and search online — or enlarge the pattern of a real leaf at a copy center — if you would like to use a leaf template.)


Estimated cost: $78* + paint

Skill level: Beginner

Time Estimate: 1 day


  • Jigsaw or circular saw
  • Drill
  • Tape measure

Get it at Lowe’s:

  • 10′ x 12″ [3.05 m x 30.48 cm] white adhesive shelf liner (#223760)
  • 72″ [1.83 m] Bypass closet door kit (#65598)
  • 2 – 1/2″x 2′x 4′ [1.27 cm x .61 m x 1.22 m] oak plywood (#6216)
  • 25’ x 13/16” [7.62 m x 2.06 cm] red oak edging (#283976)
  • Scotch-Blue Painter’s Tape 1″x180′ [2.54 cm x 55 m] (#39896)
  • Wall driller #6 mega pack (#45011)
  • Wall driller #8 (#45094)
  • Paint colours:
    • Gentle Moss, CI #172
    • Copper Glow, CI #94
    • Cracked Pepper, CI #57
    • Brick House, CI #99
    • Bamboo Shoot, CI #171
    • Jackson Glen, CI #16
    • Glass Tile, CI #184
    • Shitake, CI #53

*Does not include taxes, which vary by market, or the cost of tools. Pricing for commodity items may vary due to market conditions. **Availability varies by market for lumber species and sizes.

*Does not include taxes, which vary by market, or the cost of tools. Pricing for commodity items may vary due to market conditions. **Availability varies by market for lumber species and sizes.
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